Scribe Therapeutics to Collaborate With Biogen to Develop CRISPR-based Genetic Medicines for Neurological Diseases, Including Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Committed to expanding treatment for underserved genetic conditions, Scribe and Biogen to collaborate on the development of novel genetic medicines for neurodegeneration.

Scribe Therapeutics Inc., the company focused on engineering the most advanced platform for CRISPR-based genetic medicine, today announced a research collaboration with Biogen Inc. (Nasdaq:BIIB) to develop and commercialize CRISPR-based therapies that address an underlying genetic cause of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

Scribe’s platform is focused on engineering, delivering, and developing novel, custom CRISPR molecules. The company’s first technology, X-Editing (XE), provides greater editing activity, specificity and deliverability than other CRISPR genome editing tools currently available.

“Scribe has designed, engineered and tested thousands of evolved CRISPR enzymes to build an advanced platform for creating breakthrough in vivo treatments,” said Benjamin Oakes, CEO and co-founder of Scribe Therapeutics. “We’re proud to collaborate with Biogen and apply our uniquely customized approaches with the goal of developing new, safe and effective genetic medicines for neurodegenerative disease.”

Under the terms of the collaboration, Scribe will work with Biogen to create therapeutics for genetically-driven ALS, with an option to pursue an additional neurological disease target with high, unmet need. Scribe will receive $15 million upfront and is eligible for more than $400 million in potential development and commercial milestone payments between the two targets of interest. Scribe is also eligible to receive tiered, high single digit to sub-teen royalties.

About Scribe Therapeutics
Scribe Therapeutics is a molecular engineering company focused on building best-in-class in vivo therapies to permanently treat the underlying cause of disease. Founded by CRISPR inventors and leading molecular engineers Benjamin Oakes, Brett Staahl, David Savage, and Jennifer Doudna, Scribe is overcoming the limitations of current genome editing technologies by developing custom engineered enzymes and delivery modalities as part of a proprietary, evergreen platform for CRISPR-based genetic medicine. The company is backed by leading individual and institutional investors including Andreessen Horowitz. To learn more about Scribe’s mission to rewrite the story of disease, visit