Scribe Therapeutics Expands In Vivo Collaboration with Sanofi to Second Target

Companies’ ongoing collaboration to advance in vivo genetic medicines using Scribe’s CRISPR by Design™ approach broadens with Sanofi’s selection of a second target

Scribe Therapeutics Inc., a genetic medicines company unlocking the potential of CRISPR to transform human health, today announced that Sanofi (NASDAQ: SNY) has exercised its option for a second target as part of the companies’ research collaboration to develop in vivo CRISPR-based therapeutics.

“We are pleased to advance our ongoing in vivo collaboration with Sanofi to address a second therapeutic target based on our progress to date working on potentially curative genetic medicines,” said Benjamin Oakes, Ph.D., co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Scribe. “Our teams have built a strong foundation combining Scribe’s engineered CRISPR technologies with Sanofi’s capabilities in genomic medicine. Together, we are dedicated to achieving our common goal of bringing breakthrough in vivo genetic medicines to patients in need.”

CRISPR by Design™, Scribe’s data-driven design and engineering approach for optimizing its CRISPR-based platforms and assets including X-Editing (XE) technologies, continues to drive forward a new era of truly transformative genetic medicines. Scribe will receive a milestone payment associated with the second target nomination and be eligible to receive additional development and commercial milestones upon advancement of the program.

Scribe announced its initial research collaboration with Sanofi for CRISPR-based cell therapies to address oncology indications in 2022, followed by an expansion of the collaboration in 2023 to advance in vivo medicines for genomic diseases.

About Scribe Therapeutics

Scribe Therapeutics is revolutionizing the development of optimized genetic medicines that have the potential to durably treat disease at scale. Our CRISPR by Design™ approach engineers bacterial immune systems into a premier suite of genome editing tools built for unique molecular advantages in activity, specificity and deliverability that translate into safer and more effective genetic therapies. Co-founded by Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna and backed by leading life sciences investors, Scribe is engineering the future of genetic medicine. To learn more, visit